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7 Reasons Why RealSelf is One of the Fastest Growing US Companies (Inc 500)

Inc. magazine has announced its annual list of America’s fastest growing companies, and RealSelf made it ...

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Lifestyle Lift Calls It Quits — Precipitous Decision or Predictable Conclusion?

Perhaps you heard the news — first reported by The Wall Street Journal on Monday — that Lifestyle Lift shut down the majority of its business and was considering declaring bankruptcy. The Journal called the move “abrupt” and it no doubt came as a surprise to employees, creditors and customers alike. Not so at RealSelf. […]

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Quick Tips for Better Before & After Photos

Right now, millions of people are going online to research their options for elective aesthetic procedures, edging closer to choosing the one doctor they believe will give them the results they seek. As noted in a post last week, more than 8 out of 10 aesthetic consumers won’t even consider a practice that doesn’t have […]

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Infographic Friday: What Google Wants (and Why You Should Give it to Them)

Based on its wide and wild array of products, one could argue that Google wants to be, among other things, your mailman (Gmail), your Wi-Fi provider (high-altitude Internet balloons) and even your chauffeur (driverless cars). But what the company really wants is to win the hearts, minds and clicks of Internet users — and “moonshot” […]

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(The Facts about) Photos Don’t Lie, Part I

It may be time to update the old saying that photos don’t lie. Between advertisers who routinely PhotoShop the people in their ads and everyday Instagrammers who use filters to enhance their selfies, it’s probably safer to say that some photos seriously stretch the truth. There’s just one problem: When it comes to photos, stretching […]

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The Feminine Ideal? Hannah Davis, Cindy Crawford and the Empowered Doctor

When it comes to women and their bodies, few aspects of modern culture spark stronger opinions and more spirited conversations than that unique subset of the species known as the supermodel. As anyone who has been online or passed a magazine rack lately can attest, they’re especially easy to spot this time of year: On […]

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Infographic Friday: Getting Inside the Googleplex, Part I

Well, not literally. Truth is, the folks at Google HQ are very selective about who they let visit the company campus in Mountain View, Calif. For the rest of us — and especially anyone hoping to rank well in search — the best way to “get inside” Google is to understand how the company has come […]

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Social, Mobile, Video: The Future of the Internet in 2:18

2015. For followers of the Chinese zodiac, it’s the Year of the Sheep (which officially begins tomorrow, Feb. 19); for the scientifically inclined, it’s the International Year of Light. For anyone hoping to reach today’s digitally driven consumer, it promises to be the year that social media, mobile technology and video take over the Internet. […]

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Beyond the Beauty Counter: 1 in 5 Women Plan to Pursue Cosmetic Surgery

In terms of people’s interest in cosmetic surgery, 2014 was a very good year: As previously noted, pageviews on RealSelf were up significantly from the year before, underscoring the fact that more people were willing to consider the full range of options regarding their health and beauty concerns. Now, a new study from RealSelf/Zeitgeist Research […]

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What’s on Patients’ Minds? Their Bellies, Breasts and Butts

Chalk it up to all those images of well-sculpted celebrities, the recovery of recession-wracked budgets (finally!) or the fact that more people are seeing cosmetic surgery as an acceptable approach to health and beauty. Whatever the reason, new data from RealSelf clearly shows a growing interest in a wide variety of elective cosmetic procedures. As […]

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Valentine’s Advice: The 8 Stages of Brand Love

With the most romantic day of the year just a few days away, it’s worth asking: Are you feeling the love from aesthetic consumers? It’s not an esoteric question, suggests Tim Halloran, president of Atlanta-based Brand Illumination, because, just as with people, businesses that foster love from their customers tend to be “happier” than those […]

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Celebrities, Selfies and Wish Pics: 3 Trends for 2015

As someone who makes his living with words, it pains me to say this but the truth is inescapable: pictures rule. In an era of smartphones, social media and celebrity-driven culture, photos and videos are more easily created, more readily shared and, in many cases, better suited for getting ideas across to other people. That’s […]

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Buzz Index: People Are Talking about Ptosis Surgery

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but they also offer a peek inside the minds of people considering cosmetic surgery. Quite a few, it seems, are thinking about their droopy eyelids and whether ptosis surgery is right for them — so many, in fact, that the procedure has placed in the […]

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Infographic Friday: Is Your Marketing Heading in the Right Direction?

You could probably fill a library with books dedicated to explaining the tools and tactics of online marketing but much of it can be boiled down to one essential concept. Old-school techniques, in which brands push their messages at consumers, no longer work; if you want to reach today’s consumer, you have to pull them […]

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Want to Rank Well in Search? Get Social

There’s an old saying in the travel business that the journey is as important as the destination. The phrase speaks not just to the idea that the best trips acknowledge both aspects but also that the path you take can play a powerful role in your impressions of the overall experience. It also speaks to the essence […]

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Triple threat: 3 Changes to Google Search That Could Spell Trouble for Your Business

Old joke: Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? Answer: On page 2 of Google’s search results. The joke, of course, is that no one ever looks past the first page of search results, an idea that’s not always true but nevertheless relevant for two crucial reasons: For one thing, the majority of […]

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Beyond the Selfie: The Real Role of Social Media in Cosmetic Surgery

There’s been much discussion of late about the role social media plays in people’s decisions to pursue cosmetic surgery. Even as articles and studies consistently demonstrate that aesthetic consumer are indeed influenced by social media, some doctors maintain it’s not a factor for them because they stay busy enough through direct referrals from existing patients. Not surprisingly, […]

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Infographic Friday: Content Marketing’s Crystal Ball: What’s in Store for the Year Ahead

It’s 2015: Do you know where your new patients are? As the new year gets underway, it’s no idle question as the rules of engagement evolve at an ever-faster pace. Nor is it a coincidence that at the same time that the means of reaching consumers are proliferating, the challenges of actually connecting with them […]

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Video Tip: ‘Close the Deal’ by Overcoming Patient Objections

When it comes to educating patients about aesthetic procedures, few platforms are more powerful than video. Whether it’s explaining how Ultherapy lifts and tightens loose skin or sharing a live Vine from the OR, video provides more information more effectively than anything short of a personal consultation. Actually, providing factual information is only part of video’s […]

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New Year, New Approach: Are you Ready for the Age of Authenticity?

What do patients really want? A new nose or flatter tummy? Perhaps. A skilled practitioner? Absolutely. The best possible outcome? No doubt about it. But, as the new year unfolds, it’s clear that patients are looking for something else as well. They’re looking for confidence that they’re making the right decisions about their medibeauty plans; […]

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Cosmetic Surgery for Christmas? Handle (Cases) with Care…

You won’t see it on those annual hottest-gifts-of-the-year lists and you certainly won’t find it under the tree on Christmas morning but, if a recent article on is any indication, giving the gift of cosmetic surgery is no passing fad. From Botox to breast augmentations, it seems the holiday season is prompting people to […]

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