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Tom Seery is the founder and CEO of RealSelf. Tom is a frequent speaker at medical conferences about practice marketing, reputation management, and competing on the web. You can follow him at www.twitter.com/seery
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RealSelf Fellowship reconstructive surgery in developing countries

How We Choose to Give Back: CEO Tom Seery Talks About the New RealSelf Fellowship

At RealSelf, we view giving back as our social responsibility, core to our beliefs and culture. A guiding principle to our support of local charities and international medical volunteers is to seek out meaningful ways to make a difference in restoring hope, confidence, and a positive future for those who are most vulnerable and underserved. […]

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doctor office response to consumer leads or inquiries

Is ‘Optimism Bias’ Killing Your Medical Reputation?

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists tend to focus their “reputation management” efforts around boosting online star-ratings by delivering predictable, high quality service–e.g, taking time during consults, offering support before, during and after procedures and, of course, delivering the best possible outcomes. All of this makes sense, and is good for patients. However, the most potent reputation killer for a medical practice applies to the service delivered before […]

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Doctors in social media should have arms length relationships

Doctors Don’t Need to Be on Facebook (and other good news)

Facebook and social media are not lead generation tools. These services provide an opportunity for prospective patients, fans and followers to get to know you…at an appropriate arm’s length When I presented about the social media-empowered patient at the recent ASAPS and ASDS conferences, one statement I made got audible sighs of relief from doctors: […]

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Photo Courtesy of Sam Naficy, MD

Seven Million Reasons to Post Before and After Photos

One stat I shared with plastic surgeons at the ASAPS 2013 meeting in New York City got more attention than all others (and I gave out a bunch of new one’s). Consumers searching for a doctor on RealSelf rely more on photos than patient reviews. Nearly 7 in 10 of our audience members surveyed indicated […]

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Do Plastic Surgeons and Core Doctors Deliver Higher on Patient Satisfaction?

ASAPS just released stats for 2012 and our team at RealSelf was excited to see the inclusion of the RealSelf Worth It Ratings, which speak broadly to patient satisfaction with cosmetic procedures, products and treatments. Based on our observations and community feedback we’ve found 3 interesting patterns: Overall, aesthetic consumers are more satisfied than not […]

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dermatology ASDS social

Dermatologists Seeking Web Marketing ROI: 3 Takeaways from the ASDS Annual Meeting

As cosmetic dermatology embraces new technologies like ultrasound skin tightening devices, practices are starting to deliver a greater number of services that go beyond the face. Patients are also asking their dermatologists for minimally invasive body contouring procedures, amongst other non-traditional requests. I’ve observed that this shift in the dermatology market is driving a marked increase […]

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Microsoft Touch Windows 8 Email from Relevant Doctor (relevantdoctor.com)

RealSelf has received questions about the unauthorized use of RealSelf.com’s name in a mass marketing email campaign from a company called Relevant Doctor. See sample below. Be aware that RealSelf is NOT affiliated with this company nor do we endorse or promote their products. This is an unauthorized use of the RealSelf name and we […]

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Doctor Websites Get More Traffic By Adding Patient Reviews [Reputation Management Tip]

Google a doctor, as in “Dr. Steven Teitelbaum”, and watch Google’s suggestion feature: Try this on your name, and you’ll likely see a similar format: Dr. [your name] Dr. [your name] reviews Google suggested terms represent the majority of queries on the web because it’s fast and reflects what other people like to click on […]

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doctors removed from RealSelf

7 Reasons Why RealSelf is One of the Fastest Growing US Companies (Inc 500)

Inc. magazine has announced its annual list of America’s fastest growing companies, and RealSelf made it into the top 500. Rather than generating an auto-response list of thank you’s and talking about how humbling it is to win the award, I’m using this as an opportunity to reflect on what is driving our growth. From this, […]

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Aesthetic Medical Devices and Pharma Need to Embrace Social Advertising

The most common advertising request we get from device makers and pharma companies (well, actually, their agencies) is the traditional banner or box ad. We try to talk them out of this approach, pointing to the fact that these ad formats are less effective in a social environment like the RealSelf community. This video explains […]

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Patient-Centric Marketing: A New Old Concept

It  goes without saying that patients aren’t robots, yet many doctors have ended up with their marketing budget dedicated to trying to win over the Google robot using “SEO” tactics, rather than on delivering on the needs of online researchers, i.e., prospective patients. I’ve seen countless examples of how a monolithic SEO-driven marketing strategy leaves […]

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Embrace Online Feedback To Deliver Better Medical Services

A medical practice should embrace online reviews because they offer a trove of important service feedback. Ryan Miller from Etna Interactive offered this advice at the recent Vegas multispecialty conference, with specific reference to cases where doctors were able to deliver a better experience once they accepted that online review comments are helpful, rather than a hostile environment […]

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Less Advertising, More Content Marketing

Doctors need to hear this often, because I still see them spending far too many marketing dollars on magazine ads and listings in web directories: the path to good web marketing is content. Tony Quin at imedia connection writes: Across the digital world marketers are learning the same lesson, advertising, and more significantly the marketing […]

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Patients Are Rarely Complainers Online

With countless sites allowing a doctor to get rated anonymously, it’s easy for a physician to conclude the web is against them, and filled with negative posts and bad mouthing. Case in point, at a recent conference I heard a leader within a major medical organization declare that “online cosmetic surgery forums are just made […]

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being helpful

Be Relatable and Helpful: The Social Media Agenda for Plastic Surgeons and Doctors

Companies emerging as successful are often those that are the most human.–Peter Merholz A key step a doctor can take to humanize their organization –and develop a personal brand that has meaning–is to become relatable to prospective patients. To relate to others on social websites doesn’t mean friending complete strangers, clicking follow buttons or becoming overly accessible in […]

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social media post quality - attributes

Social Media Posts: 13 Attributes Doctors Need to Consider

We’ve already talked about how quality trumps quantity for SEO-ing your practice website. But what defines “quality” when posting to followers or fans in social media? Professor Sree Sreenivasane from Columbia Jounalism School suggests–along with other great tips–that social media posts on Facebook, your blog, or Twitter contain at least one of these attributes: helpful useful […]

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3 Under-reported Social Media Risks for Doctors

Each year I listen in on dozens of practice management sessions at medical conference for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and facial plastic surgeons. A pattern I’ve seen for several years is that a speaker shares insights about how social media represents significant risks to a medical practice. Tread with fear. This is unbalanced advice. To support […]

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forums purchase intent

Forums Beat Facebook and Twitter for Aesthetics Purchase Decision Making

You may think everybody on the Internet spends all their time on Facebook but when it comes to purchasing products and services, that’s not necessarily where they’re hanging out. According to recent research by Visible Technologies, a social media monitoring company in Bellevue, Wash., people — and women in particular — demonstrating “purchasing intent” are […]

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SEO ranking for doctors requires producing quality content

QUALITY: The Key to Your Practice Website Ranking

After years of working on search ranking, your medical practice has likely hired numerous SEO consultants who’ve encouraged you to stuff website pages with important keywords and to generate content for the sake of generating content for Google.  The good news is SEO gaming is nearly dead. The maybe bad news is that what matters most […]

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Pregnancy Newborn Article on Plastic Surgery for Moms

RealSelf in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Fun to get quoted by Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine in their story Postbaby plastic surgery: Is it for you? Tom Seery, CEO and founder of RealSelf.com, hears accounts of surgical experiences every day. His best advice? “I cannot stress enough how critical it is to find the right qualified doctor. Don’t get a tummy tuck from […]

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