Buzz Index: Aesthetic Consumers Want More Permanent Makeup, Fewer Tattoos

tattoo removal permanent makeup buzz indexIn San Diego, a middle-aged woman wonders about the use of anesthesia for permanent makeup procedures, prompting responses from several doctors.

In Ohio, a young woman wants to get an 11-year-old tattoo on her back removed, sharing her pre- and post-procedure concerns and advice with others seeking similar treatment.

Two different patients, two different procedures but they have one thing in common: both sparked ongoing online conversations about the pros, cons and costs of pigment-based cosmetic procedures.

Turns out they’re not alone. According to the latest RealSelf Buzz Index, permanent makeup and tattoo removal are currently two of the top three most-talked-about procedures among aesthetic consumers. In fact, with scores of 162 and 155, respectively, they took the No. 1 and No. 3 spots.

(The Buzz Index is a weekly analysis that compares the number of questions, comments and new reviews posted on RealSelf over the last 28 days relative to the last three months. With 100 representing a normal amount of discussion, higher scores mean increased interest and more buzz.)

It’s not surprising, perhaps, that both procedures are generating so much buzz. Life changes, a competitive job market, embarrassing evidence of a long-ago impulse decision — whether it’s boosting self-confidence through fuller brows or removing an old flame’s name, aesthetic consumers are desperately seeking information on such procedures.

That’s a huge opportunity for doctors to weigh in, offer insights and add some ‘color’ to the conversation.

Doctor Takeaway

A big business warrants board-certified practitioners

According to the market research company IBISWorld, tattoo removal is a $66 million business in the U.S. alone and growing by almost 21% per year. It’s also subject to inconsistent regulation and snake-oil claims over tattoo-removing creams and other home remedies that just don’t work. Answering consumers’ questions can help ensure they get the best care and experience the best results possible.

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