Buzz Index: BBL Sisterhood Is Serious about Butt Lifts

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Photos courtesy of Ashkan Ghavami, M.D.

Say what you will about social media but one fact is inescapable: When it comes to cosmetic surgery, what were once considered “whisper conversations” are being talked about like never before. And while the online dialogue is ongoing on dozens, if not hundreds, of subjects, you’d be hard-pressed to find a subject that inspires more vocal, more passionate discussion than Brazilian butt lifts.

Consider the latest Buzz Index, RealSelf’s weekly report on which procedures people are talking about. Last week, the BBL community broke a new record with the highest number of active users’ participating in conversations. In fact, conversations have doubled since August 2012.

Take Cali’s Angel, who joined the community in early November with a post that began:

Hello My New BBL Sistas, I’ve been searching this site night and day for 3 weeks. Seriously waking up to this, going to sleep to this, and dreaming about this!! I’ve seen so many good results and inspiring stories I’ve become more than motivated to finally go through with this.

That was three months ago and since then her updates have prompted almost 160 comments from approximately 60 other members of the BBL community. From questions posed by others researching the subject to congratulations on the results of her Jan. 16 procedure, the thread is a running record of advice, shared insight and emotional support.

In fact, more than a month later, the conversation is ongoing as these recent entries will attest:

Getitgirl: Cali’s Angel, I am in LOVE with your results. You look like a billion bucks. I hope my results turn out just like yours. GIRL!!!!!! You got me speechless over here. I am always looking at your page to see if you have any new updates.

Cali’s Angel: Aww, you’re so sweet, I’m sure you’ll be fine… I’ll update more pics tomorrow. 

Ddhottness: Cali’s Angel, you look GREAT!!!! My big day is on Feb. 25, 2013. I hope I’m as successful as you are.

Cali’s Angel: Thanks, your date is right around the corner!! How exciting… I’m sure you’ll look great.

Hooks: Thank you so much for sharing your journey and pictures with us. Your shape is sooo nice!!

Cali’s Angel: That’s what we all are here for… 🙂

What’s driving the interest in butt lifts? For some, it’s an issue of personal esteem; for others, a function of changing cultural tastes. (Nearly, 110 million people saw this year’s Super Bowl and, presumably, Beyonce’s booty-licious half-time show.) Either way, the bottom line, so to speak, is that butts are a hot topic of conversation among today’s aesthetic consumers.

And with a Worth It Rating of 93%, doctors would be advised to listen in on what they’re saying.

Doctor Takeaway

It’s not just a procedure; it’s a journey

Read the conversations among RealSelf’s BBL community and one thing immediately stands out: Most patients engage in extended conversations with their peers — about prices, providers and the results they produce — long before they choose a doctor and schedule a surgery. It is, as they say, a journey and doctors who help consumers along the way — answering questions online, sharing their expertise, etc. — have an opportunity to influence the direction that journey takes.

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