Buzz Index: After Braces, Patients Love to Grin and Bare ‘Em

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Maybe it’s all those politicians smiling for the cameras or the models and movie stars sporting big grins at the newsstand — whatever the reason, a lot of aesthetic consumers these days are talking about teeth.

In fact, according to the latest Buzz Index from RealSelf, dental procedures accounted for five of the 15 most-talked about subjects last week. Braces took the No. 1 spot overall with a score of 260 — 100 is considered a normal level of buzz — offering cosmetic dentists a great opportunity to weigh in, answer questions and connect with potential patients.

And do they have questions! In the Braces category, the list of questions is 485 entries long. Add in other dental categories, such as veneers, whitening and Invisalign, and they run into the thousands.

Given the importance of a good smile — personally, professionally or for simple self-esteem — it should come as no surprise that people have so many questions about cosmetic dentistry. Or that they love the results after deciding to take the plunge.

In the RealSelf user community, for example, braces earned a Worth It Rating of 73% from 39 reviewers, many of whom would no doubt relate to the young mom from Florida who recently wrote:

I am limited on words but let me tell you that getting braces was the BEST thing EVER that I could do for myself… I literally hated my smile because it was “gummy” and although straight you could not really see my teeth. 2-1/2 [years] later when they were finally taken off I cried.

We suspect she’s smiling now.

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