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There are good fats and bad fats but for many aesthetic consumers, the best fat is the kind you can remove from one problem area and inject into others that could use a little boost. And if recent discussions on RealSelf are any indication, that means breast fat transfers, which has garnered a Buzz Index score of 300 for the last two weeks.

(The Buzz Index is a weekly analysis that compares the number of questions, comments and new reviews posted on RealSelf over the last 28 days relative to the last three months. With 100 representing a normal amount of discussion, higher scores mean increased interest and more buzz.)

The conversations cover the full gamut of patient issues — comparisons to implants, concerns over Brava systems, questions about costs, recovery times and potential side effects (e.g., on mammogram results). Along the way, the give-and-take can also give doctors invaluable insights into what they’re likely to encounter as they engage with other potential patients starting their own aesthetic journeys:

From Indecisive Dreamer, who has been looking into the procedure for a year but is just now starting to ask questions of others in the community:

I am very nervous about going through with the surgery. I’m afraid of things like what if I don’t have enough fat or if one breast retains more fat than the other breast. Are the lumps in your breast still going away, are you regaining feeling in some of your numb areas and is there anything you can recommend to reduce loose skin after lipo?

From nina789, who had experienced complications and/or regrets with her saline and silicone implants and was wondering if the third time could be the proverbial charm:

When I first heard about fat transfer, I literally cried. I couldn’t believe that I could actually have a normal looking breast that was MINE…I began looking around at different doctors, different women’s stories (many of them here – thank you!), and trying to figure out how I could afford to do this. I was also SUPER worried about the liposuction. I didn’t want lipo at all and I was terrified that it would leave my body looking lumpy or weird or misshapen.

Ultimately, if you follow the conversations, it becomes obvious that fat-transfer patients (like other aesthetic consumers) turn to each other for answers, emotional support and doctor referrals. And, let’s face it, patients who are more informed about what to expect tend to have more realistic expectations, which helps explain why RealSelf users give breast fat transfer a 92% Worth It Rating.

In a nutshell, there’s strength in numbers and the number of people who are talking about breast fat transfer represents a community that doctors would be advised to pay attention to. As Colleen3000 puts it:

I’m on this site daily now and I look forward to going on this journey with all of you that are in the same boat as me. The uncertainty of how things will turn out makes this procedure in particular more nerve wrecking but also a little more adventurous. Good luck to everyone out there going through this or considering it. This site was a great resource for me and so hopefully my experience can also add to the information here.

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