Buzz Index: Consumer Questions about SculpSure Offer Insights for Doctors

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There’s nothing like having the FDA approve a new product or procedure to generate buzz among patients hoping to resolve their aesthetic concerns. In fact, such decisions often lead to a spike in the aptly named RealSelf Buzz Index, a weekly analysis that compares the number of questions, comments, and new reviews posted to the site over the last 28 days relative to the last three months.

Little wonder, then, that members of the RealSelf community have been “buzzing” over SculpSure over the last several weeks in the wake of its recent approval by the FDA. Along the way, their questions, comments, and reviews provide valuable insights into their concerns and, by extension, a great heads up for doctors who may encounter similar questions during in-person inquiries.

Patients have wide-ranging concerns about the procedure

What it means for doctors

Aesthetic consumers are concerned about a lot more than the basics of cost, recovery, and potential pain. Understanding the extremely wide, yet highly specific, range of concerns they have can help you be better prepared for future consultations.

Patients want to know how it compares with alternative options

What it means for doctors

Today’s aesthetic consumers know they often have multiple options and, like consumers of all types, they like to comparison shop. Creating content that appeals to that desire gives them what they’re looking for — and can, by extension, generate better SEO as it provides a good match for their searches.

Satisfied patients spread the word

A month ago, RealSelf user kstreett posted a preliminary review of her first SculpSure treatment, writing that “I have tried several other treatments in the past with little success… This procedure is by far the easiest procedure, non-painful (felt like a warm heating pad) and I am thrilled with the results I’ve seen in just 3 weeks.”

What it means for doctors

Within days of kstreett posting a review of her first treatment, other aesthetic consumers in her area expressed their interest in visiting the same provider. Assuming she continues to provide updates, the ensuing buzz will, no doubt, help even more members of the community — and those doctors who stay up to date with their concerns and make the effort to proactively address them.

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