Buzz Index: People Are Talking about Ptosis Surgery

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Photos courtesy of Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but they also offer a peek inside the minds of people considering cosmetic surgery. Quite a few, it seems, are thinking about their droopy eyelids and whether ptosis surgery is right for them — so many, in fact, that the procedure has placed in the top 3 in RealSelf’s Buzz Index three weeks in a row.

(The Buzz Index is a weekly analysis that compares the number of questions, comments and new reviews posted on RealSelf over the last 28 days relative to the last three months. With 100 representing a normal amount of discussion, recent ptosis scores of 240 to 300 demonstrate increased interest and more buzz.)

That interest offers compelling evidence that today’s aesthetic consumers are a sophisticated group. Amid the expected inquiries about costs and recovery times, they’re also looking for answers about the advisability of using phenylephrine as a temporary, topical solution, the development of bloodshot eyes after mullerectomy and their options should the condition recur.

Answering such post-procedure questions may seem of limited value — after all, the questioners are unlikely to become patients any time soon — but doing so demonstrates a commitment to being helpful as opposed to simply trying to acquire new patients. As RealSelf community member PLM put it,

The doctors on this site have been very helpful in validating what I thought was wrong with my eye…and I appreciate that very much.

Doctor Takeaway

It’s good to share — your expertise

The questions consumers ask on RealSelf give direct insight into the concerns and issues that are top of mind for today’s aesthetic consumers. As such, they can be viewed as a prep sheet for the questions you’re likely to encounter during patient consults. When those questions deal with post-procedure issues and concerns, knowledgeable answers from experts can help calm upset patients, facilitate reasonable expectations and generate good will going forward.

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