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Infographic Friday: Advertising, Inbound Marketing and Today’s Aesthetic Consumer

There are plenty of catchphrases in marketing today — “Content is king,” “Think like a publisher,” etc. — but they all stem from the same reality: Regardless of what they’re in the market for, consumers have become more or less immune to traditional advertising. They’re skeptical of what they read and hear in ads; they […]

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Click-bait: the Ugly Truth about Online Advertising

50% of all advertising is useless. We just don’t know which 50%. Often hailed as the “Father of Advertising,” the late David Ogilvy wrote those words long before there was an Internet, social media or search engines but they’re still worth remembering when implementing a digital marketing strategy and setting an advertising budget. In fact, […]

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Confronting the Commercialization of Plastic Surgery

Having opened his plastic surgery practice in Kansas City 24 years ago, Eric Swanson, MD, has received his fair share of sales calls and marketing pitches. Among them: a salary of $325,000 and a company car, a promise of $450,000 for working 2 days per week and a promise that he could double his income. […]

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Truth(s) in Advertising: Consumers trust friends, online opinions and branded websites

Trust. When you get right down to it, no other factor — not price, not location, not credentials — carries more weight when consumers are trying to choose between providers offering similar services and products. And that’s especially true when what they’re considering is an elective, expensive and potentially emotion-laden subject like cosmetic surgery. So […]

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Dermatologists Seeking Web Marketing ROI: 3 Takeaways from the ASDS Annual Meeting

As cosmetic dermatology embraces new technologies like ultrasound skin tightening devices, practices are starting to deliver a greater number of services that go beyond the face. Patients are also asking their dermatologists for minimally invasive body contouring procedures, amongst other non-traditional requests. I’ve observed that this shift in the dermatology market is driving a marked increase […]

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Aesthetic Medical Devices and Pharma Need to Embrace Social Advertising

The most common advertising request we get from device makers and pharma companies (well, actually, their agencies) is the traditional banner or box ad. We try to talk them out of this approach, pointing to the fact that these ad formats are less effective in a social environment like the RealSelf community. This video explains […]

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Groupon’s Hidden Cost: Your Reputation?

If you’ve ever considered doing a Groupon or other daily-discount offer, you already know that it can do some serious damage to your bottom line. That’s because such sites typically demand discounts of around 50% and then take half of what’s left. But did you know your reputation could also take a hit? That’s among […]

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Should Doctors Do Groupon?

It’s one of the biggest Internet sensations in online marketing but is it right for you? “It,” of course, is Groupon, the deal-of-the-day website that provides big discounts to online shoppers, and it presents unique opportunities and challenges for you and your practice. Groupon can be difficult to work with, says Eva Sheie, director of […]

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Pay per click on Google

Two Steps to Higher Pay-Per-Click ROI

Guest Post by Bill Fukui, Chief Operating Officer at Page 1 Solutions When it comes to online advertising, you may pay per click (PPC) but you earn per conversion. And since Google doesn’t negotiate the cost to be the top listing for a particular search, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the most bang for […]

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Old fashioned marketing

Are You Doing Old Fashioned Marketing?

Insightful video on how product and experience now define brands-not just what marketers message in advertising. This is hardly lost on doctors who see that patient reviews directly impact (positive and negative) a practice’s ability to attract new patients. Branding in the New World

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