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Infographic Friday: Will Today’s SoLoMo Searchers Find You — or the Competition?

Here’s a riddle: What do Google searches and bathroom mirrors have in common? Regardless of which one aesthetic consumers are considering, they’re ultimately seeking the same thing: good results. And, let’s face it, if your practice isn’t among those consumers’ search results, you may never get the opportunity to provide the other, post-procedure kind. Today’s […]

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Get on the Map with Google+ Local

If you haven’t done a Google search on your local market recently, you probably should: With a recent, large-scale rollout of an updated Google Maps now live on desktops and mobile devices, the results may surprise you. Take a recent search for “San Francisco cosmetic surgery,” which returned the usual text-based results, along with a […]

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Want to Remain Relevant? Think like a Millennial

Maybe it’s because I just had a birthday — never mind which one — but the older I get, the more it seems like young people are taking over. Then again, according to a recent article by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), it may not be my imagination. In the U.S., by 2030, Millennials will […]

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Trust: If You Build It, They Will Come

When it comes to choosing a doctor, aesthetic consumers cite any number of reasons why they ultimately choose the provider they do. Experience, board certification, occasionally even price or a doctor’s popularity. But it’s also true that one factor trumps all others when it comes to medical procedures, especially those that are often elective, emotion-laden […]

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Buzz Index: Breast Fat Transfer Has Folks Talking

There are good fats and bad fats but for many aesthetic consumers, the best fat is the kind you can remove from one problem area and inject into others that could use a little boost. And if recent discussions on RealSelf are any indication, that means breast fat transfers, which has garnered a Buzz Index score […]

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Infographic Friday: Protect Your Practice with Social Customer Service

The typical Botox treatment will last 3–6 months; Juvederm, 6 months or more depending on where it’s injected. The effects of a bad customer service experience? A lot longer than that. In fact, as this infographic from Zendesk suggests, a significant proportion (39%) of people will avoid using a company for 2 or more years […]

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The Increasing Importance of Online Reviews — and How to Encourage Them

If you’re still thinking having online reviews of your practice is a “nice to have,” a new study by Software Advice offers compelling evidence that they’re more like a “need to have” for anyone trying to generate new business. When the company asked patients who use online review sites to research doctors, they found that […]

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Reviewing the Reviewers: Older Women Tend to Be Positively Pleased

Mirror, mirror, on the exam room wall, who are the happiest patients of them all? Given the glowing images of young people in advertising and the curmudgeonly ones of seniors on TV and movie screens, the answer might surprise you. When it comes to the sentiments expressed in online reviews, it turns out that older […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Doctor Reviews

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that we at RealSelf are firm believers in the importance of online reviews, a fact that may make the following statement more than a little surprising: Doctor reviews aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Don’t get us wrong; glowing, 5-star reviews […]

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It’s OK to Read Your Online Reviews (Go Ahead, You Know You Do Anyway)

Online reviews: Some doctors hate them, some tolerate them, a few may even admit to appreciating them. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, one thing’s for certain, you should be reading the ones that are being written about you. It should go without saying that the reviews aesthetic consumers post about their experiences […]

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New Nose, New View on Life?

Beauty, it’s often said, is in the eye of the beholder but sometimes it can also be in the nose. At least that’s one way of interpreting the results of a study recently published on the JAMA Dermatology website. The study, an analysis of 16 previous studies, found that rhinoplasties, among other facial procedures, led […]

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Buzz Index: Botox for Migraines Earns Mixed Reviews

Botox for migraines: Some patients swear by it; some would like to swear at whoever convinced them to try it. Either way, they’re definitely talking about it. The procedure, which earns a 46% Worth It Rating from the RealSelf community, topped all other procedures in the site’s weekly Buzz Index, with a score of 192. […]

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Doctors Who SLAPP Online Critics Often Hurt Themselves

There comes a time in every doctor’s career when he or she is the recipient of an online review that makes them fighting mad. Some will take a deep breath and respond calmly; some will lash out with verbal counterpunches of their own, and some will take the fight from the Internet to the courtroom […]

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The Customer Is Always Right… or Is She? (Part II)

So, you fire up the computer (or get a Google alert) and find yourself reading a review from a patient who’s decidedly — and vocally — unhappy with her experience with your practice. In fact, she’s furious and she’s venting her dissatisfaction on every social network and user review site she can find. What are […]

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The Customer Is Always Right… or Is She?

If you’ve been practicing for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly run into a situation like the one recently reported by a doctor after reading a patient review on RealSelf. The review, it turns out, was quite positive — the patient rated the surgery as “Worth It” and had given the doctor 4 out […]

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Doctors Who Ignore Online Reviews Put their Reputations on the Line

You know the phrase “your reputation precedes you?” According to a new survey from, it’s more true for doctors than almost any other type of business. Before they ever visit your website or pick up the phone, consumers are going online, reading reviews and making decisions about potential providers based on their reputations. Consider […]

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What Happens When You Don’t Respond to Online Reviews?

While many doctors still believe that responding to online reviews is a risky endeavor, the fact is that not responding can be far more hazardous to your practice health. Consider the following a cautionary tale complete with good advice on how easily it could have turned out otherwise. As she explained in a recent blog […]

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Infographic Friday: Don’t Let Social Complainers Spoil Your Day

You can satisfy some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t satisfy all of the people all of the time. OK, so Abraham Lincoln never said that but if the 16th president had had to deal with consumers venting their dissatisfaction via social media, […]

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More than Scores: Reviews Trump Ratings for Patients and Doctors

If you’re looking to score well with aesthetic consumers, the folks at PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) have a little advice: Stop! As the Institute notes in a new report, “Scoring Healthcare: Navigating customer experience ratings,” doctors who focus on stars, letter grades and other one-dimensional ratings miss an excellent opportunity to connect with patients, […]

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5 Reasons Why Good Reviews Are Good for Business

5 stars. 2 thumbs up. A++. When it comes to trusting information found on the Internet, there’s no escaping the fact that consumers give online reviews, well, glowing reviews. In fact, despite occasional reports of “astroturfing,” it seems they put more trust in them all the time. In fact, according to a survey conducted by […]

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