Email Marketing: Healthcare Scores Well… Do You?

When it comes to connecting with aesthetic consumers, email may just be the Mark Twain of digital marketing: In fact, not only are reports of email’s death greatly exaggerated but, according to a new study, it’s especially vibrant when the messages in question come from one industry above all others:


Analyzing campaigns from nearly 3,000 brands in 14 industries, the 2014 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study from Silverpop determined that emails from healthcare companies had the highest mean open rates (26.2%), the highest mean click-through rates (4.8%) and the highest mean click-to-open rates (16.7%).

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Can you say the same for your email marketing efforts?

If not, it may be time for a quick tutorial on the basics of email marketing — this article provides a good backgrounder on the differences between the above measurement tools — and a frank discussion with your marketing team as to whether your messages are hitting the mark.

And that’s only half the battle since such figures only capture data on the nuts-and-bolts processes of sending email. What’s really important are the outcomes of those emails. When recipients click through to your website, do they download articles, share blog posts with friends or pick up the phone to schedule a consult? Such conversions are the brass ring of email marketing programs and they, too, need to be monitored, measured and massaged as the data dictates.

As the folks at Silverpop put it,

As a baseline scorecard, benchmarks… can help you determine where your email program outperforms your peers and competitors and where you need to improve. Remember that gauging your marketing success requires going beyond industry benchmarks to see whether your email program met, exceeded or fell short of your own goals while adding value to the customer/prospect relationship and maximizing conversions and revenue.

Doctor Takeaway

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Email remains a powerful marketing tool because a) your recipients have already expressed an interest in your products and services, b) they’ve given you permission to reach out to them, and c) its ROI is easier to measure than many alternative methods. The key, then, is to consistently monitor your email analytics and make changes when they fall short. We’ll look at some of the specific practices that you can employ to accomplish that goal in a subsequent post.

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