Email Marketing, Part IV: 5 Steps to Success

When it comes to marketing your practice effectively, few channels offer more bang for the buck than email. As we’ve seen, though, there are also countless ways that your campaigns can blow up before they ever reach your intended target.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you know your messages aren’t going astray, it’s time to focus on ensuring they’re powerful enough to make an impression upon arrival. Here are 5 ways to improve your odds:

A strong subject line: Research has shown that 47% of people open an email from a business or non-profit because of the subject line, more than do so based on an offer (26%) or the first few lines of the body of the message (14%). If you want to catch people’s attention, be concise, be timely and, remember, it’s better to tell them what’s inside rather than sell them on it.

Compelling content: Once you’ve got their attention, you have to keep it and the best way to do that is to remember it’s about them, not you. Whether it’s offering practical information or explaining a new product or procedure, providing info that will help them resolve their aesthetic concerns will earn you more opens than talking about yourself or reiterating Cosmetic Surgery 101.

A call to action: So, your subject line intrigued them and your content convinced them to listen to what you have to say. Now what? If you want them to visit your website or call your office, say so with a clear, concise and visible call to action, complete with a link or button to facilitate it.

Optimized for mobile: Email constitutes the No. 1 activity on smartphones and tablets, with users spending nearly one-quarter of their mobile time (23%) dealing with it. Unfortunately, much of that time is spent deleting emails that loaded too slowly, required excessive scrolling or otherwise annoyed recipients. Smaller images, larger links and an obvious click-to-call button will help avoid such problems.

Keep in touch: Pay attention to all of the above and there’s a good chance some of your subscribers will click over to your website. Unfortunately, many of them will also leave shortly thereafter. Not to worry. They may not be ready to take the plunge now but if they haven’t opted out entirely, they’re probably still keeping you and your practice on their shortlist. Use a “drip campaign” to send them occasional but regular communications and you’ll be top of mind when they decide to narrow that list to the one doctor they want.

About Rob Lovitt

Rob Lovitt is a longtime writer and editor who believes every good business has a great story to tell. He has written for dozens of magazines and websites, including, and the inflight magazines of Alaska, Horizon and Frontier airlines.

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