For Doctors, Providing Relevant Content is the Key to Social Success

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Facebook’s latest update is further proof that good content is what gets users’ attention.

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by Facebook, you’re not alone. Between disappearing posts, questionable conversion rates and a steady stream of platform changes, it’s not surprising that many doctors find the site a mixed blessing at best.

Case in point: The site’s latest update which entails giving users far more flexibility in determining what they see in their News Feeds. Currently being rolled out in stages, the new look is designed to promote more visual storytelling, reduce clutter and provide a more consistent experience across all platforms and devices.

That’s a good thing. But it also means that users can now segment their feeds — by friends, photos, brands they follow, etc. — so they see only the updates they want to see. It also means it’s more important than ever that everything you post is timely, informative and relevant so that it doesn’t get relegated to a “sub-feed” that’s never seen.

Simply put, the right content directed to the right audience is what engages people and what engages people is what gets you increased exposure. And while Facebook’s latest update is clearly designed to capitalize on that, it’s a concept that extends far beyond the confines of site.

In fact, it’s exactly why we encourage doctors to participate in the Q&As on RealSelf. For one thing, doctors who do are providing highly relevant content to a very targeted audience. For another, the more questions they answer, the more engagement they tend to get.

It’s also why it’s so important to maintain a content-rich doctor profile. After all, when a potential patient reads your answer to a question and then clicks on your profile, you want to make sure they find additional content that underscores both your experience and your interest in helping them make an informed decision. Among the things to consider:

  • Is there additional content to engage with, such as answers to other questions?
  • Are there Before & After photos that they can click through to get a sense of your work?
  • Are there reviews to read so they can hear what other patients have to say about their experiences with your practice?

More content, more relevant content, more targeted content — they’re all elements that boost consumer engagement and together they’re the answer to the most important question of all:

Will an aesthetic consumer who clicks on your profile have something to engage with or will she (or he) be left to find another doctor with more content on their profile?

Doctor Takeaway

Providing the right content to the right audience is the key to social success

Whether posting to Facebook or answering questions on RealSelf, you have to commit to being present, helpful and patient-focused. The more effort you put into it, the more you’ll likely be seen; the more you’re seen, better your chances of engaging aesthetic consumers, and the more you engage those consumers, the more likely you’ll turn them into new clients.

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