For Hispanics, Social Media and Plastic Surgery Prove Increasingly Popular

Hispanic social media

Es su práctica médica amigable para los hispanos?

If you’re a socially savvy doctor, the question — Is your medical practice friendly to Hispanics? — is not to be taken lightly. According to recent research, Hispanics are not only increasingly interested in cosmetic surgery procedures but also among the nation’s most active users of social media.

In fact, according to an American Pulse Survey conducted by BIGinsight in February, Hispanics are likely to log on to social media sites more often than Blacks, Caucasians or adult Internet users in general.

They also stay longer, with 26.8% of Hispanic Internet users spending six hours or more on social media sites, compared to 20.4% of Black users, 6.9% of Caucasian users and 8.5% of adult users in general.

Hispanics social media

 Social media has a strong appeal for Hispanics in the U.S., both as a means of communication and, even more significant for younger internet users, for self-expression, says Lisa E. Phillips, senior analyst for eMarketer. [They] tend to post more comments, reviews and recommendations online, while non-Hispanic users simply check ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ and move on.

What’s that mean to you? Well, according to a January survey by AAFPRS, a quarter or more of facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in ethnic patients in 2011, with 30% of doctors reporting an increase in Hispanic patients.

Hispanics cosmetic surgery

The most popular facial procedure by far was rhinoplasty (67%), followed by blepharoplasty (17%), facelift (8%) and chin augmentation (3%).

For doctors, the implications are muy claro: Hispanics are increasingly interested in plastic surgery and they’re active on social media. You should be, too.

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