Infographic Friday: 7 Followers Every Doctor Needs to Know

Let’s face it, getting heard amid the torrent of tweets, status updates and other postings that constitute the conversation on social media is no picnic. Proliferating networks, changing algorithms and an audience that’s increasingly adept at tuning out unwanted messages means it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re delivering the type of content your followers truly want to receive.

It becomes even harder when you realize that different followers want different things out of their relationship with you. Sure, the people who follow your practice are all interested in cosmetic surgery but, as this infographic from ReachLocal suggests, their specific interests are as different as their own online personalities:

social media, fans, followersOnce you’ve determined what kind of followers you have, you can focus on providing the type of content they’re looking for — easily consumed quick hits (photos, etc.) for quiet followers, for example, or shout-outs to loyal fans — and invite them to respond with comments, likes and shares within their own social networks.

After all, if you want to expand your presence on social media — and grow your practice in the process — nothing speaks louder than having your fans and followers spread the good word.

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