Infographic Friday: A Farewell to (Saggy) Arms

If you’ve ever found yourself looking at an image of Michelle Obama — or Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Biel — and found yourself thinking, ‘Wow, impressive arms,’ you’re definitely not alone. With summer and its sleeveless style fast approaching, women all across the country are seeing similar images and giving serious thought to giving their own “guns” a lift.

And, as this infographic from ASPS suggests, many are turning to plastic surgery to give them what genetics and hours at the gym haven’t. When you consider that the number of arm lifts performed grew 4,378% between 2000 and 2012, it’s clear that brachioplasty is booming.

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Of course, images of well-toned celebrities are no substitute for accurate information which is why aesthetic consumers turn to the Internet when they’re considering the procedure. Among the recent questions they’ve asked doctors on RealSelf:

  • What is the cost of an arm lift?
  • What can I expect in terms of downtime/recovery?
  • Incision location: back or inside of arm?
  • Is a minimally invasive brachioplasty right for me?

Needless to say, many patients pursue arm lifts as a follow-up procedure after massive weight loss. For them, a brachioplasty is often the culmination of a longer, emotion-laden journey. Having made it through, it’s hardly surprising that more than 8 out of 10 (83%) RealSelf users who have had the procedure say it was worth it.

For others, though, the procedure is less an ending than a beginning. Consider RealSelf user mythreeboys, for example, who had an arm lift just over a month ago and posted the following review of her doctor:

I found him online by searching for PS who work on excessive weight loss patients. So glad I went there! They are very nice and he really wants his patients to have a great outcome. I did interview one other PS but that interview was a hot mess – would have never gone there for any kind of procedure – total waste of time. I will be having Dr. Gelman do my other procedures – TT, BL with Aug, and possible thigh lipo and lift.

For doctors, the takeaway is simple: Farewell, saggy arms; hello, repeat business.

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