Infographic Friday: Achieve Great Internet Results with SEO, PPC and Social

To the uninitiated, the intricacies of Internet marketing can be a confusing alphabet soup of unfamiliar acronyms. SEO? PPC? Chances are you already know that they stand for search engine optimization and pay per click, respectively, but digging deeper into their meaning can leave you feeling overwhelmed and ready to give up.

That’s why we liked this infographic from David McBee, an Internet marketer based in Kansas City, Mo. Rather than overwhelm his audience with even more mumbo-jumbo, he cleverly describes these two key concepts in an entertaining way that anybody can understand:

SEO PPC social infographic

As McBee notes, getting your practice website to appear high in search rankings — the SEO piece — takes time, effort and a willingness to maintain discipline even after you reach your goal. You don’t have to count calories but you or someone on your team needs to pay attention to keywords, links and the quality of your content.

A well-designed PPC campaign, on the other hand, is like plastic surgery because it entails a bigger financial outlay (for banner ads, Google AdWords, etc.) but can provide quicker, more targeted results. Think Smart Lipo instead of salads and Lean Cuisines.

All of which is great except it overlooks an element that’s becoming increasingly important in Internet marketing: social media. As more people spend more time on social networks, smart marketers are discovering the value of interacting with them when they’re actively engaged with both their peers and the subject at hand.

In other words, if SEO is a diet and PPC is plastic surgery, then social is a global fitness class where you get to join others while pursuing similar, mutually satisfying goals.

And, as with any workout routine, you get better results if you work it.

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