Infographic Friday: Allocating Internet Resources? Appropriate Attribution Is the Answer

It’s December 2012 — do you know where your Internet prospects are (coming from)?

Unfortunately, too many doctors don’t, relying instead on a superficial look at their website analytics to determine what sites directly deliver visitors to their practice website. That technique is called the “last-click method” and it’s time to recognize that its time has come and gone.

Why? Because aesthetic consumers don’t take a direct, single-click path to your practice website. They conduct serial searches, visit multiple websites and read an untold number of reviews shared by other patients. As Stefan Tornquist of explains it,

The customer journey from early exposure to sale increasingly involves multiple exposures across multiple channels. Marketing attribution is the practice of divining what role each channel has played in influencing and informing the customer on their way to purchase.

The key term is “marketing attribution” and, as the infographic below suggests, it’s a powerful tool for fostering a better understanding of the consumer journey and determining where to devote those precious marketing dollars.

mareketing attribution last click

Doctor Takeaway

Relying on the last-click method leads to marketing myopia

Using advanced tools like Google’s Multi-Channel Funnels, your marketing team should be able to show you the path potential patients took before they landed on your practice website. Likewise, when prospective patients come into the office, ask them what websites they visited before arriving at yours and which of those sites helped them make their decision. Between the two, you’ll get a clearer picture of where your patients are coming from and where to focus your marketing efforts.

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