Infographic Friday: ASPS Stats Suggest 2013 Was a Very Good Year

It’s often said there’s truth in numbers and if that’s the case, 2013 was truly a good year for the profession.

According to just-released data from ASPS, 15.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures, including both minimally-invasive and surgical, were performed in the United States in 2013, up 3 percent from the year before. This infographic from the organization showcases the top 5 procedures in both categories:

ASPS, 2013 statistics, cosmetic surgery procedures

Rankings aside, a deeper look at the numbers reveals some interesting trends. On the surgical side, breast augs, eyelid surgeries and facelifts were up (1%, 6% and 6%, respectively) while liposuction and rhinoplasty were down (-1% and -9%, respectively). On the minimally-invasive front, Botox, chemical peels and soft tissue fillers were up (3%, 3% and 13%, respectively); laser hair removal was down (-4%), and microdermabrasion was unchanged.

Other factors may also be driving the numbers. For one thing, interest in butt augmentations through fat grafting is soaring (up 15%); for another, FDA approval of new plastic surgery devices and products, including form-stable silicone gel breast implants and a new hyaluronic acid facial filler, is giving people more options than ever before.

That’s good news for aesthetic consumers — and the doctors who care for them.

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