Infographic Friday: Augment Your Online Presence with Google Authorship

Given the terabytes, petabytes and exabytes that cross the Internet on a monthly basis, getting your content noticed is no easy feat. And while there are countless tools and tricks that can help, two of the most important factors remain the quality of the content itself and the reputation of the person producing it.

That’s especially true when it comes to Google and the search results it delivers thanks to the concept of Authorship, which, among other things, adds your byline when your content — your website, a blog post, an article you’ve written — appears in search results. The steps required to add authorship are probably better left to your webmaster but this infographic from Vertical Measures shows how the pieces fit together to showcase your expertise, increase traffic to your website and hopefully generate more business:

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According to Google, Authorship is not a factor per se in terms of ranking search results; however, it’s reasonable to assume that many searchers will give more credence to results provided by real, identifiable people than to anonymous links to unknown sites. Considering that a recent search for “plastic surgeon” returned 9.12 million results, getting your name out there can play a major role in getting potential patients in the door.

Doctor Takeaway

Showcasing your expertise is a great way to generate exposure

Between years of schooling and practice, you’ve gained the expertise aesthetic consumers crave but that does neither you nor them any good if those consumers don’t find it. Google is constantly tweaking its Authorship tool — they recently removed profile photos from it — so its impact on search results remains unclear but it’s still a good idea to have your name attached to your content. In addition to confirming your identity and adding credibility to the accompanying link, it also links to your Google+ page, giving web searchers an easy-to-use tool to find out more about you.

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