Infographic Friday: Doctors Who Blog Can Reap Big-time Benefits

Call it the curse of the blinking cursor: After a long day of surgeries, consults and practice management, you could be forgiven for deciding that you have neither the time nor inclination to confront a blank computer screen and compose a blog post for your practice website.

It’s understandable. Unfortunately, it may also be unwise as research has consistently shown that blogs attract higher traffic, generate more inquiries and drive better long-term results than traditional marketing and advertising methods. Factor in the additional benefits described in this infographic from CJG Marketing and it’s clear that devoting a few hours a week to a blog is time very well spent:

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As it turns out, some of the most significant effects of maintaining a blog may be the most subtle. For one thing, adding fresh content, incorporating links and comments, and establishing yourself as an authority are all elements that can enhance search results; for another, older posts are immune to the whims of sites managed by others (e.g., Facebook), meaning they remain findable weeks, months or years after you’ve written them.

So if you still believe you can’t afford the time to blog, consider this: Given the demonstrable benefits, one could argue that you can’t afford not to.

Doctor Takeaway

Be helpful, authentic and consistent and your blog will click with readers

Admittedly, finding the time to maintain a blog can be a challenge but doing so is a great way to tell your story in a non salesy way. Take a conversational tone; share your thoughts on health, beauty, cultural trends, etc., and give readers an opportunity to further the conversation via comment sections and sharing buttons. Prove yourself to be a trusted, unbiased source of information and, over time, they’ll be more likely to turn to you when they’re ready to shift from talking about their aesthetic concerns to doing something about them.

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