Infographic Friday: Doctors Who Get Visual Get More Leads

Picture this: Two patients come into your practice because they’re considering rhinoplasties. One describes her ideal attributes verbally — she wants a smaller tip, for example, or less flared nostrils — while the other shows you a photo of a popular celebrity with a perfectly proportioned proboscis. Unless you’re a mind reader, it’s safe to say that one will provide a lot more insight on how to proceed than the other.

The same is true when the tables are turned, i.e., when potential patients are researching aesthetic procedures and poking around various practice websites and social profiles. As this infographic from suggests, the more visual your content, the more likely people are to notice it, engage with it and, perhaps, reach out to learn more:

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Doctor Takeaway

If you want to get more traffic, get more visual

Research has shown that 65% to 85% of people consider themselves visual learners — that is, they digest information more easily based on what they see vs. what they read. And there’s no doubt that aesthetic consumers factor that information into their decision-making regarding providers. On RealSelf, for example, doctors who post more than 100 photos receive more than twice as many patient contacts as those who post less than 50 and those who post five or more videos see more than double those who post two to three. Bottom line: Give potential patients something to look at and you improve the odds that they’ll want to see more.

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