Infographic Friday: Don’t Get Run Over on the “Information Superhighway”

Remember the Information Superhighway, that continuous flow of digital data touted by Al Gore in the 1980s and ‘90s?  Compared to today’s Internet, that superhighway might as well have been a rutted, two-lane road. There was no Facebook or Twitter; email was unknown to the general public, and Google was just a gleam in the eyes of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

That was then and this is now, and as this infographic from Qmee clearly shows, the superhighway has gone into hyperdrive. Consider that in a single minute, people have conducted 2 million Google searches, posted nearly 2.5 million Facebook updates and sent 204 million emails.

Online in 60 Seconds, infographic

And that doesn’t even include the new blog posts, video uploads and photo-sharing sites, which, when you think about it, raises one important question: Amid such a torrent of bits and bytes, how do you keep up — and, more importantly, get heard?

The answer? Find out which channels and platforms deliver the best traffic and focus your efforts accordingly. Here’s how:

Manage your online presence: Presumably, you’ve claimed your profile on all relevant social networks. Even if you don’t post daily updates, check them regularly and you’ll get a sense of which ones generate comments, inquiries and other activity. Push content to those that do and downplay those that don’t.

Monitor your analytics: While social networks account for much of the online chatter out there, the goal is always to get consumers to visit your practice website. Working with your webmaster or marketing agency, you can not only determine where site visitors come from but which ones stick around to view multiple pages, watch videos and sign up for your email newsletter.

Make it easy: Perhaps the easiest way to determine where patients found you is to ask them via your intake form. Using a multiple-choice format will not only minimize the likelihood that they’ll just write “Google” but will also help ensure that the minutes you later spend online will be productive ones.

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