Infographic Friday: Generate Buzz with Brand Advocates (not Online “Celebrities”)

Imagine Jennifer Aniston standing on the red carpet thanking you for her new nose or Victoria Beckham telling Oprah about how delighted she is with her new breasts.

Well, “imagining” pretty much sums it up. Even if you were the doctor who performed those procedures, the reality is that celebrity endorsements are not all they’re cracked up to be. And the same is true for the big names in digital media who have been anointed as “influencers.”

Instead of cultivating influencers, doctors who want to grow their practices should be fostering brand advocates, a distinction that can be summed up in this infographic from

infgraphic influencers brand advocatesAs the folks at Zuberance suggest, the problem with influencers is that they’re more interested in growing their brand — more fans, more followers! — than they are in helping you grow your practice. They may be able to spread awareness but that’s a very different thing than driving action.

For that, you need advocates: real people with real stories who share their experiences with other aesthetic consumers. They share, not for the paycheck, but to pay it forward and their authenticity can have a powerful influence where it really matters.

On your bottom line.

Doctor Takeaway

Brand advocates can be a doctor’s best friends

Building brand advocates is an ongoing process. As the stories RealSelf users tell over and over again, aesthetic consumers start sharing their impressions of doctors from the moment they reach out with an email inquiry. Doctors can encourage them to continue sharing by asking them to write post-procedure reviews, by maintaining contact via email and by rewarding them with invitations to special events and other exclusive offers.

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