Infographic Friday: Get Ahead by Bridging the Gap of Social Engagement

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase ‘follow the money,’ but when it comes to marketing your practice, the more appropriate approach is to ‘follow the patients.’ That’s especially true as more people spend more time researching their healthcare options online and incorporating social content into their decision-making process.

It’s a trend that doctors would be wise to follow. Unfortunately, as this infographic from The Doctor’s Journal points out, the healthcare industry isn’t keeping up:

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The numbers underscore the fact that potential patients truly are healthcare consumers. They gather information from multiple sources; they read about others’ experiences via online reviews, and they make their aesthetic decisions based on that research. Along the way, they also get some of their first impressions of doctors — provided, that is, said doctors are online, socially active, and authentic.

Doctor Takeaway

Social doctors make connections when it actually matters

Think of it as a “first-mover advantage” for patient engagement. While doctors who eschew social channels wait for patients to seek them out, those who engage with aesthetic consumers online demonstrate their commitment to patient-centric care at the exact time those consumers are both focused on their options and narrowing their consideration set. In that light, the more visible you are, the more likely you are to be found.

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