Infographic Friday: Get Schooled in Social Media — or Suffer the Consequences

If it’s been a while since you were in med school, you might not realize how much has changed on campus — chances are you never had to use Google Glass in anatomy classes, contemplate the prospect of tweeting a live surgery or, heaven forbid, consider auctioning off your virginity to pay for your education.

Or, for that matter, expend a smidgen of energy managing your presence on social media. Funny thing is, even though today’s medical students fit squarely in the digital native demographic, they’re not immune to stumbling when it comes to maintaining professional decorum in the online world.

Consider: A survey of first- and second-year residents at the University of Ottawa showed that 28.7% had public profiles on Facebook and of these 41.9% had potentially unprofessional conduct usually involving alcohol consumption or “rude” humor.

The solution is either to avoid social media altogether — not a viable option these days — or be diligent in managing your online presence. And while the following infographic is directed at students who will soon be job hunters, it offers spot-on advice for established practitioners as well:

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Doctor Takeaway

Control your online image or it will control you

Just as recruiters and employers consider the online profiles of those they’re thinking of hiring, today’s consumers regularly check out the doctors they’re considering for their aesthetic procedures. It’s okay to show your human side — these days, building trust is as important as demonstrating technical expertise — but the last thing you want to do is lose business because of an off-color joke or inappropriate photo. When in doubt, leave it out.

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