Infographic Friday: Get Social to Counter Patient Complaints

Are you giving lip service to customer service? These days, if you’re ignoring social media as a channel to respond to customer complaints, you probably are. Worse yet, you’re also ignoring an excellent opportunity to turn those complaints into accolades that will net you new business.

The fact is that customer service should be a crucial part of your social media strategy for the simple reason that customers increasingly expect companies to provide it. As this infographic from Zendesk shows, 50% of consumers say they would be deterred from being a customer of a company that didn’t answer questions or complaints via social media.

customer self service infographic

The flip side is that the simple act of responding to customer complaints doesn’t just provide a way to resolve the issue at hand. It can also provide a net positive as many of those customers will not only retract their initial complaint; they’ll take to social media to share their satisfaction with others in their own social networks, becoming brand advocates in the process.

Simply put, people want to be heard and doctors who listen — and respond — stand to benefit from what they have to say.

Doctor Takeaway

The future of customer service is social

Doctors who ignore social customer service issues risk losing not just the patient who raised the issue but everyone that that patient shares their experience with. The solution is to respond quickly to prevent the problem from spreading, genuinely to avoid the lip-service trap and professionally to avoid violating patient privacy. If you do all that and the issue remains unresolved, that’s a good sign that it’s time to take the conversation offline.

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