Infographic Friday: The Ghosts of Marketing Past, Present and Future

Scrooge had it easy. Even though he owned a small business, he probably didn’t give a moment’s thought to marketing his services or differentiating his company from the competition. And even if he did, he obviously didn’t have to deal with a business environment in which the means of reaching potential customers are constantly evolving and multiplying.

Fast-forward to the closing days of 2014, a time when marketers have more tools than ever to reach consumers even as those consumers become more adept at tuning out messages that don’t interest them. As this infographic from Kapost suggests, what may have worked just a few months ago probably won’t bring results in the years ahead:


 Doctor Takeaway

Old-school or new tech, let your data be your guide

As marketing tools come and go, businesses run the double-edged risk of relying too much on outdated strategies that no longer work and heedlessly investing in new programs and platforms that have yet to prove themselves. It’s good to explore new approaches but ultimately your analytics will tell you what’s working and what isn’t. Monitor them consistently and you can determine which channels deliver the best prospects and say ‘Bah, humbug’ to those that don’t.

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