Infographic Friday: Kickstart Your Marketing with Collaborative Input

As a Web-savvy doctor, you no doubt recognize how important it is to monitor your professional reputation by listening to what’s being said about you online. Perhaps you’ve even taken the next step, creating quality content, sharing it via social media and building the sort of following that leads to brand advocacy and great word-of-mouth marketing.

That’s a great start on building a patient-centric marketing campaign but, according to the marketing experts at CrowdTap, that’s only two-thirds of the battle. Going forward, the key to success will entail not just listening and talking to consumers but actively seeking their input beforehand.

They call it collaborative marketing and they support their case in the following infographic:

collaborative marketing, brand advocate

What’s all that have to do with cosmetic surgery? Consider laser treatments. According to the RealSelf Buzz Index, a measure of what procedures people are talking about, there’s been strong interest in Active FX and CO2 lasers recently. Explaining the differences in a blog post or newsletter and then asking readers to rate their interest can provide invaluable information on everything from what equipment to buy to how and where to promote your services.

In turn, those contributors are more likely to share their experiences with their own social networks, spreading your message to audiences you might not reach otherwise. As the folks at CrowdTap explain it,

Collaborative marketing is not a pipe dream. It’s a reality already set in motion, one that is consistent with consumers’ innate tendencies to share and contribute. It’s a future where the companies that are closest to those who buy, use and advocate for their products win.

Doctor Takeaway

Bringing consumers into the marketing process benefits all concerned

The key takeaway is three-fold: Consumers appreciate providers who listen to their input, they take pride in their contribution and, having done so, they’re eager to share their experience with others. Doctors can foster the process by monitoring the questions consumers ask online, seeking input from the subscribers to their newsletters and asking website visitors to weigh in on products and services they’d like to see.

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