Infographic Friday: Mobile-geddon or Not, Mobile Still Matters

It’s been three days since Google rolled out its latest update and, based on early reports, the sky hasn’t fallen on sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. (Long story short, the more “mobile friendly” your practice website is, the better it’s expected to rank in search results.) Does that mean the whole “Mobile-geddon” thing was overblown and you don’t really need to worry about adapting to a mobile-first world?

Not by a long shot because a) it’s too early to tell — Google updates can take days or weeks to impact search trends — and b) updates aside, the big picture clearly points where things are heading. Mobile usage is exploding and, as this infographic from Synecore shows, the key to successful marketing will be to keep up:

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Doctor Takeaway

Make sure your content reaches mobile searchers

Sometimes it seems that Google wields inordinate power, forcing businesses to adjust every time the company updates its algorithms. But the reality is that consumers, not search engines, are driving the changes. As more consumers use mobile devices to conduct their aesthetic research, those little screens often provide the first impression of your practice. If that impression is favorable — i.e., if your website renders well on their device — they’re likely to stick around or visit again later via desktop. If it’s not, it might as well be Mobile-geddon.

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