Infographic Friday: Quick Tips for Supercharging your SERP Status (Content Marketing V)

It is probably the ultimate conundrum of the Internet as we know it: With the rise of blogs, social media, smartphones and DIY video, we are in danger of drowning in digital content. Yet, at the very same time, producing content — sometimes short-form, sometimes long-form, even more video — is arguably the best way to connect with consumers.

The trick, of course, is getting found, seen and heard amid the flood, a task that is made increasingly difficult by both the volume of competing streams of content and by the ever-changing algorithms that search engines use in their efforts to surface quality content and filter out the terabytes of digital flotsam.

The fact is many of the tools and tricks that may have worked a few years ago — sometimes just months ago — don’t anymore, and, as this infographic from demonstrates, keeping up with the changes is the key to remaining relevant:

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Doctor Takeaway

There’s more to content marketing than marketing your content

The rapid proliferation of digital content is both a blessing and a curse — and understanding how the system is evolving can ensure that your content is part of the solution rather than contribute to the problem. Those who play by the rules — writing for humans, engaging with others via social media and using “white hat” SEO tools — stand to win in the end. Those who try to game the system, including self-proclaimed “experts” who claim they can — charging hefty fees in the process — are more likely to discover that it’s a losing proposition.

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