Infographic Friday: The Secret to Better Email Open Rates Is…

Not really a secret. (See what we did there?) It is simply this: At a time when most people’s inboxes are getting flooded with dozens or hundreds of emails every day, grabbing their attention with a great subject line is more important than ever. In fact, research has shown that 47% of people say they open an email from a business or non-profit because of the subject line.

For those who’d rather not lose the interest of nearly half of their email recipients, this infographic from the email testing experts at offers a slew of insights on some of the technical factors that can influence whether your emails get opened or sent to the trash:

email marketing, subject line

The problem is that you only have a few seconds between the time someone first sees your message and they decide whether to open it or discard it. And while it’s important to be concise (shorter subject lines tend to better than longer ones) and cautious (email providers are getting more sophisticated about “spammy” signals), successful email marketing is ultimately based on a premise that is both stunningly simple and difficult to master.

Provide something — timely news, practical information, a limited-time offer — that people actually want to receive. Bottom line: If you offer something of real value to your subscribers, they’ll offer you something of even greater value in return: their time, their continued interest and, if the rest of your operation your operation delivers on the promise, their business.

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