Infographic Friday: Set a Course for Marketing Success (but Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel)

Marketing an aesthetic practice used to be soooo easy: Take out an ad in the Yellow Pages, send some direct mail postcards, maybe book a billboard near your practice. You could, in effect, put your marketing on autopilot, setting it and forgetting it until the ad rep or direct-mail vendor called for a renewal.

Not anymore. Today’s anytime, anywhere consumer is always connected, which means she has access to an infinite stream of information. As this infographic from suggests, there’s a sea of content out there and it takes a comprehensive strategy and ongoing commitment to navigate it successfully (and stay ahead of the competition):

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Doctor Takeaway

The Internet is no place for autopilot marketing

Today’s aesthetic consumer is on a journey that can last months or years before she chooses the doctor who will perform her procedure. Connecting with her, therefore, requires a similar long-term focus, creating content that builds trust, using media and PR to generate exposure and authority, and maintaining a social presence that keeps your practice top of mind throughout the process. It’s no longer a linear experience, so it’s more important than ever to set a course in advance, keep your hand firmly on the wheel and remain alert to the winds of change that are already building on the digital horizon.

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