Infographic Friday: The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

It’s the blessing and the curse of social media: The very thing that makes it so easy to engage in — sign up for a profile here, post a few updates there — is also the thing that makes it so easy to get wrong. For businesses, the consequences of the latter can range from the disappointing (a poor ROI) to the disastrous (damage to your reputation and even legal problems).

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Adhering to the general guidelines in the following infographic can not only enhance the effectiveness of your social media efforts; they can alert you to potential problem areas before they become full-blown crises (more on that below):

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Doctor Takeaway

Healthcare is a special case that requires special care

The dos and don’ts highlighted above cover the basics for most businesses but doctors face the added challenge of maintaining confidentiality and patient privacy in what is, at heart, a very public setting. As regular headlines attest, sharing details that identify patients and posting inappropriate photos is all too common and can lead to embarrassing situations, career setbacks and legal action. The key to avoiding them is to develop a comprehensive social media policy — sadly, it’s estimated that only one-third of healthcare organizations have an official policy in place — and make sure all employees adhere it. For those that haven’t, this policy from the Boston Medical Center provides a good place to start.

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