Infographic Friday: The Secrets of Content Marketing Success from Those Who Know

Epic Content Marketing. The Big Book of Content Marketing. Content Marketing for Dummies. Seems like every time you turn around, someone’s publishing a new book about how content marketing is the key to business success.

They’re not wrong — producing content that actually helps people make more informed buying decisions may be the only way to reach today’s advertising-averse consumers — but, really, who has the time or inclination to read hundreds of pages of even the most well-intentioned advice?

Enter the folks at, who asked dozens of experts to provide their best content marketing advice in just one sentence and then collected them in the following infographic:

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The irony, of course, is that no single sentence can possibly encompass the commitment that content marketing requires. As the insights above suggest, it’s a 4-step process that starts with a well-thought-out strategy, builds on the twin skills of listening to your audience and creating content that fills their needs, and relies on analytics that allow you to measure what works and what doesn’t.

Clearly, executing the above is more time-consuming than simply buying a banner ad or touting a deal on Facebook or Twitter and it requires a commitment from both you and your audience. As Tom O’Neill of Smart Traffic Ltd., puts it:

When producing content you are asking people to spend their time; ensure you either engage, entertain or educate (or all three!) so that they get value for that time.

Or, to put it another way, the more value your content provides, the more likely potential patients are to take the time to find out more about you.

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