Infographic Friday: To Be a Thought Leader, You Have to Have the “Write” Stuff

It’s often said that content is king but, let’s face, creating it can be a royal pain in the you know what. Between performing surgeries, juggling consults and managing your practice, sitting down at the computer to write a blog post or newsletter article is probably not your highest priority.

It does, however, deserve a place on your schedule for the simple reason that sharing timely, relevant information with aesthetic consumers achieves two goals: 1) It’s an excellent way to build a reputation for thought leadership and 2) it’s an even better way to begin building the trust that today’s consumers seek before they’re willing to choose a provider.

As for what to write about, this infographic from Empower MediaMarketing offers nearly two dozen tips on where to find ideas, how to craft them into good stories and how to format them so readers will be compelled to keep reading:

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Funny thing is, when you give away good content, it often turns out that you and your practice end up being the biggest beneficiaries. For example, websites with blogs tend to have more inbound links, more indexed pages (a factor in search engine rankings) and more interaction from site visitors.

In other words, what’s good for readers is good for search engines and what’s good for both is good for doctors who create the content that brings them together.

Doctor Takeaway

The ROI of good writing is a better reputation

Content may be king but as an aesthetic professional, bona fide SME (subject matter expert) and “CEO” of your practice, you’re also the power behind the throne. Wield it well by being helpful and informative, not preachy or overly promotional, and you’ll build a reputation as a thought leader who people will happily follow.

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Rob Lovitt is a longtime writer and editor who believes every good business has a great story to tell. He has written for dozens of magazines and websites, including, and the inflight magazines of Alaska, Horizon and Frontier airlines.

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