Infographic Friday: To Market Your Practice, Go Where the Patients Are

According to legend, the late bank robber Willie Sutton once answered a reporter’s question of “Why do you rob banks?” with the now-famous rejoinder “Because that’s where the money is.”

In a way, it’s the same with social media marketing (although obviously without the criminal element):

Why should you be marketing your practice on social media? Because that’s where the potential patients are.

That’s the data-driven gist of this infographic from the web designers at Simply put, if you want to generate a conversation with people, the best way is to go where they already are.

social media business infographic

Furthermore, the benefits go far beyond the opportunities to engage with the people you find there. Among the ancillary benefits:

  • Exponential exposure: When you engage with one social media user, you’re essentially engaging with everyone they’re in contact with. In other words, people you might never have reached before are exposed to your products and services.
  • Brand advocacy: Satisfied patients are a doctor’s best promoters. Treat them well, keep in contact with them post-recovery and they become brand advocates who’ll do the heavy lifting of spreading the word.
  • Reputation management: On the off-chance a patient has an issue with you or your practice, rest assured they’ll turn to social media to make their feelings known. Doctors who engage in social media stand a better chance of resolving problems before they spiral out of control.
  • Competitive leverage: As Millennials grow older, they bring incredible buying power and a near-total reliance on social media to make buying decisions in all walks of life. For them, doctors who eschew the medium are essentially invisible.

And you can take that to the bank.

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