Infographic Friday: Want Patients to Love Your Practice? Think Soul Mate, not One-night Stand

With Valentine’s Day upon us, it seems that romance is in the air. Alas, if you want patients to fall in love with your practice, flowers and chocolates won’t get you very far. Instead, you need to focus on creating a connection and letting them know that you’re interested in a long-term relationship, not a one-time tryst.

It starts with the marketing messages you send out. As this infographic from Oracle shows, the key is to skip the generic emails, go easy on the self-promotion and make sure you’re providing useful and helpful content tailored to patients’ needs, not yours:

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Doctor Takeaway

Patient-centric content is the key to building beautiful relationships

When 34% of consumers say they’ve “broken up” with a brand over poor, disruptive or irrelevant messages, the last thing you want to do is bore or annoy them with inappropriate emails. That’s especially true when those consumers are people researching their aesthetic options. Sure, they’re looking for information but they’re also looking for reassurance that they’re making the decision that’s right for them. Creating messaging that helps them generate that confidence is exactly what helps you earn their trust which, it goes without saying, is the key to any long-term relationship.

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