Infographic Friday: Will Today’s SoLoMo Searchers Find You — or the Competition?

Here’s a riddle: What do Google searches and bathroom mirrors have in common? Regardless of which one aesthetic consumers are considering, they’re ultimately seeking the same thing: good results.

And, let’s face it, if your practice isn’t among those consumers’ search results, you may never get the opportunity to provide the other, post-procedure kind. Today’s consumers are social; they’re looking for local providers, and they’re conducting more and more of their searches on their mobile phones.

The resulting confluence — SoLoMo, in tech-vernacular — holds huge ramifications for how consumers find businesses. Factor in the numbers in this infographic from SIM Partners and it’s obvious that the ramifications are just as significant for the businesses that seek to attract them:

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For the major search engines and social networks, the search-read reviews-contact a local business convergence is both an effort to provide more actionable results and an attempt to create all-encompassing online ecosystems that keep users “in the fold” as much as possible. When successful, it’s a win-win for both consumers and click-dependent search engines — and for the businesses that take the steps to embrace the changes.

Doctor Takeaway

Ensure your online presence is social, local and mobile-friendly

While no one is likely to book a major cosmetic procedure while surfing the web on a smartphone, many will use their mobile devices to conduct their aesthetic research. Doctors who incorporate the SoLoMo concept into their marketing efforts — claiming all relevant profiles, showcasing reviews, including geo-locational and click-to-call links, etc. — will be the ones most likely to turn up on those consumers’ screens.

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