Infographic Friday: How Word of Mouth Really Works

When it comes to referrals, nothing beats good word of mouth — but have you ever considered what happens after a satisfied patient tells a friend about your practice? The marketing experts at have and, as this infographic shows, a referral is almost always just the first step in a process that will either turn those prospects into new patients or turn them off entirely:

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Considering the number of people who have given a word of mouth referral (96%), the number of people who have been introduced to a new business by one (93%) and the fact that more than half of them (53%) followed up on it, ensuring that their subsequent research is productive is crucial. And while aesthetic consumers utilize the full gamut of online resources, the data shows that the top 3 factors remain the referrer, your website and input from others via reviews.

Give all three the attention they deserve and that good word of mouth won’t go to waste.

Doctor Takeaway

Good word of mouth plus good follow up is good business

People who get referrals from other people do not just pick up the phone. They check out potential providers’ websites; they read about other people’s experiences, and they peruse search engines and social networks to get a clearer picture of their options. To boost the odds that they will ultimately call or email you instead of somebody else, it’s important to have a well-designed website, to encourage existing patients to post online reviews and to ensure you’re findable via search and social media.

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