Is Poor Marketing Playing a Prank on your Practice?

Marketing your business is no laughing matter but, let’s face it, taking an overly dry approach isn’t always the best way to get attention or boost engagement. The fact is, no one likes to be lectured and injecting a lighter tone often provides a more memorable way to get your message across.

It’s a concept that the folks at Adobe have clearly mastered and, considering today’s date, their efforts seem especially timely. Click on the videos below and you’ll see what we mean:

No foolin’ message: The Internet is chock-full of shiny, new platforms and channels but few live up to their hype. Focus your efforts where your actual audience congregates and you won’t waste time, energy and money on the “woo woos” of the world.


No foolin’ message: “Buying clicks,” aka paying a company to deliver more visitors to your online ad or website, may not be illegal but it’s rarely a good marketing strategy because there’s a good chance that a) those visits come from people who aren’t interested in your services or b) they come from click-bots that aren’t people at all. Likewise, amassing huge numbers of likes, fans or followers may look impressive but such so-called vanity metrics are poor indications of actual engagement.


No foolin’ message: Pursuant to the above, numbers without context are worse than useless — they can actually lead you to make strategic mistakes that can cripple your business. The good news is that by paying attention to your website’s analytics, you can get a clearer, truer picture of who your visitors are, what content they liked (or didn’t) and what steps you can take to ensure a better experience — for both them and your practice — going forward.

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