Meet the RealSelf 100: Honoring the Top Social Influencers in Cosmetic Medicine

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From the growing number of procedures being performed to the media’s seemingly endless fascination, interest in cosmetic medicine is clearly on the rise. And if the 7 million unique monthly visits to RealSelf are any indication, that interest is matched by aesthetic consumers’ thirst for trustworthy information from those with the expertise to help them make smart, confident health and beauty choices.

Announced today, the RealSelf 100 honors a select group of aesthetic professionals who have dedicated themselves to doing just that. By taking the time to provide unique, valuable insights typically not found on the social web, their social media influence empowers millions of consumers to gain access to information they need to make truly informed decisions.

In 2014, this group of doctors collectively spent more than 3,300 hours — or 140 days — posting answers and sharing expert insights with the RealSelf community, says Tom Seery, Founder/CEO of RealSelf. For all 100 of these doctors, time is extremely valuable, yet they all make a commitment to engaging online consumers in order to build trust and help people make better decisions about potential changes to their body, face and smile.

Recognizing the most engaged and active doctors on RealSelf, the list is based on a combination of both content contributions from providers (e.g., answers to consumer questions, before and after photos) and feedback from consumers (e.g., reviews). It is currently open to any doctor who meets the eligibility requirements of the RealSelf Professional Policies.

As such, the honorees truly are social media influencers, empowering consumers, providing a counterpoint to misinformation found elsewhere and demonstrating their commitment to positive patient outcomes.

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Doctor Takeaway

Social media influence adds value for all concerned

As we know from recent market research, one in five U.S. women plan to pursue a cosmetic procedure and 50% of these consumers do online research for over a year. The doctors who help them conduct that research — by answering their questions, posting photos and sharing other patients’ reviews — demonstrate their expertise, gain excellent exposure and build trust when it matters most.

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  • Yes, thanks to these doctors who are both accredited and well respected in their fields, it keeps the cosmetic and medical industry clean, and ethical. Once again a thank you to the top docs of Real Self.