Now Hear This: Informed Patients Seek Doctors Who Listen

Are you a good listener?

These days, you better be for one simple reason. Given the amount of information aesthetic consumers now have access to, doctors who don’t listen to what patients have to say about their care may find their surgical schedules a lot quieter than they’d like.

As this infographic suggests, patients are not only bringing their own research into their meetings with their doctors, they’re actively seeking out providers who are willing and interested in discussing what they’ve found.

infographic, doctor-patient relationship, listening, informed patient

As healthcare advocate Katherine Hoffman, who created the infographic notes, the results came from a small sample of online respondents so they’re best considered a snapshot rather than a statistically significant study. Nevertheless, the following pair of respondent comments put the picture into exceedingly clear focus:

My physician is utterly dismissive of anything I say to them. I am now changing doctors.

I gather [information], doctor and I review together, doctor interprets, doctor makes recommendation. Serves a healthy doctor-patient relationship.

That dichotomy takes on even more significance when you consider that more and more people are chronicling their aesthetic journeys from start to finish. At RealSelf, we see it all the time as patients extol doctors who listen to them, reject ones who don’t, and share the details with millions of other potential patients.

As the say in the movie theater: The audience is listening. Are you?

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