Do Plastic Surgeons and Core Doctors Deliver Higher on Patient Satisfaction?

do plastic surgeons do a better job?

ASAPS just released stats for 2012 and our team at RealSelf was excited to see the inclusion of the RealSelf Worth It Ratings, which speak broadly to patient satisfaction with cosmetic procedures, products and treatments.

Based on our observations and community feedback we’ve found 3 interesting patterns:

  • Overall, aesthetic consumers are more satisfied than not with the outcomes from their cosmetic procedure.
  • Satisfaction is highest for procedures that are more invasive (such as Tummy Tuck).
  • The Worth It Rating for breast augmentation is significantly higher when the provider is a board certified plastic surgeon. The overall rating for breast augmentation is currently 88%. When just looking at breast augmentation ratings for board certified plastic surgeons, the ratings climbs to 94%.

On this third point it appears plastic surgeons are delivering predictable, happy outcomes for breast surgery patients. This may explain why breast implant device company Sientra has a policy of only selling to board certified plastic surgeons. On their website it states:

At Sientra, we understand dedication. That’s why we cater exclusively to board-certified plastic surgeons. As you deliver on the high expectations of your patients each day, we’ll be doing the same for you with innovative products and unsurpassed service.

For other procedures, where the aesthetic “core four” board specialties are compared against the overall ratings, there are similar out-performances.

RealSelf Worth It Rating Rating when performed by “Core Four” Doctor
Liposuction 75% 87%
Tummy Tuck 95% 98%
Eyelid Surgery 77% 88%
Botox/Dysport 64% 89%
Juvederm/Restylane 66% 87%


This data serves as validation of our decision to limit participation on RealSelf to board certified medical specialists; doctor training and specialty does matter to patients and their outcomes.


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