Is Your Practice Website Designed for Success?

web design, practice websiteAs an aesthetic professional you no doubt spend a lot of time directing your discerning eye toward hooked noses, receding chins and sagging butts and tummies — but have you ever given your website a similarly critical look?

A quick surf around the web suggests you should. The sad fact is that many practice websites, including those touting the services of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and other providers dedicated to making people look their best, are in serious need of an extreme makeover.

We’re talking cluttered design, dull images and inconsistent messaging — any of which can be enough to make today’s time-pressed aesthetic consumer hit the back button before you know it.

The solution is to recognize that you only have a few seconds to capture a site visitor’s interest and much of what does so happens on an instinctive, rather than conscious level. And while it might be entertaining to showcase how some sites get it wrong, it seems more worthwhile to highlight some who get it right as the following four do:

Compelling imagery

Perhaps the most important factor in website usability is the ability to answer the question: what is this site about? Large images, like the woman on the left side of Dr. Lane F. Smith’s website, automatically draw the eye, underscoring the site’s primary focus and subtly assuring visitors that they’ve come to the right place.

web design, practice website

Call to action

If demonstrating what your site is about is job #1, job #2 is to give visitors a clear indication what they should do next. It doesn’t get much clearer than the homepage of Dr. Stefan Szczerba, which puts a call to action (“Schedule a Free Consultation”) front and center.

practice website, website design

Moral support

Like shoppers of any other product or service, today’s aesthetic consumers rely heavily on the stories others share about their experiences. By putting patient testimonials “above the fold” on his homepage, Dr. Rian A. Maercks not only provides examples of his work but also lets visitors to the site know that they’re part of a community of people who have been in their shoes.

practice website, website design

A personal touch

There are few purchase decisions more personal than cosmetic surgery so it’s no surprise that potential patients want to know who they’re dealing with, which is clearly the case with the website of Dr. David B. Reath. In a world where thousands of providers can perform this or that procedure, his homepage essentially says I’m the doctor who will be doing yours.

web design, practice website

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