RealSelf 100: Socially Savvy Doctors Earn Honors for Helping Aesthetic Consumers

realself 100 social media influencers

RealSelf”s new RealSelf 100 list honors doctors who are using social media to help aesthetic consumers (and themselves).

There’s no escaping the fact that social media has given aesthetic consumers greater control over their medibeauty decisions but that doesn’t mean doctors can’t play a major role in the process.

In fact, smart doctors recognize that social media enables them to play a larger role than ever by facilitating engagement with consumers in the earliest stages of their purchase journeys. They are what experts refer to as social media influencers and they deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts in helping those consumers gain the confidence they need to make informed aesthetic decisions.

To acknowledge that effort, RealSelf has announced the RealSelf 100, a roster of aesthetic professionals who are successfully using the power of social media to connect and share their insights with consumers. By devoting thousands of hours on RealSelf — by participating in Doctor Q&As, for example — these socially-engaged medical experts support millions of people through important and emotional beauty decisions related to their face, body and smile.

Doctors are incredibly busy and deserve recognition for volunteering significant time helping people get answers to their important questions about cosmetic treatments and personal appearance concerns or goals, says Tom Seery, CEO of RealSelf. The RealSelf 100 represents doctors who harness the power of social media and our community in order to make a positive difference. We see this award as a way for our 3.5 million monthly visitors to express a collective ‘thank you’ for their dedication and support.

As it turns out, those consumers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the dedication and commitment these doctors display. By devoting more time to answering consumers’ questions, RealSelf 100 doctors receive more than 10 times the website visits than the average doctor. In fact, despite representing just 2% of participating doctors, these professionals received 3 out of every 10 clicks to doctor websites last year.

In other words, becoming a social media influencer can have a major influence on your bottom line.

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Doctor Takeaway

Social media — it’s not just for consumers anymore

Social media is often portrayed as a revolution in that for the first time consumers, not marketers, control how, when and where they want to engage with the brands those marketers are promoting. That can be a challenging concept for tradition-bound providers but it has a major upside as well: Doctors who engage in social media interact with potential patients while those patients are still making up their minds. The result? Greater influence as these doctors establish their expertise and build trust when it matters most.

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