How This Doctor Maximizes His Reviews on RealSelf

Image courtesy: Dr. Edward Dickerson

Marketing is crucial to any business. To grow your plastic surgery practice, you need to increase exposure and attract new patients. Easy, right?

While many practices spend thousands of dollars to do just that, the best marketing you can get is 100% free. Really.

“Information coming from real patients is much more valuable than any marketing process that I can use,” said Dr. Edward Dickerson, a Fayetteville, N.C., facial plastic surgeon, in one of our latest RealSelf Webinars.

Dr. Dickerson is a prime example of a doctor maximizing the power of reviews on RealSelf. His office runs on a system designed to create the best patient experience possible and encourages people to leave a review and tell their story.

As a result, Dr. Dickerson has several reviews on RealSelf like this:

“When you experience the genuine care that is rendered by Dr. Dickerson’s entire staff, you will appreciate the difference between patient treatment and patient CARE.”

Reviews like that don’t come by accident. These are the result of a conscious effort to provide the best service possible and training staff to maintain those high standards. Dr. Dickerson recently shared some insights into how he maximizes his presence on RealSelf.

Incentivize patients and staff

The benefit of a patient leaving a review for a doctor is obvious, but Dr. Dickerson has found success by making it mutually beneficial for his patients and staff. He does this by demonstrating how leaving a review helps other people, too.

First, Dr. Dickerson eases patients into the process by having them talk about their experience in person. Then, it’s easy to ask them to share their great stories in a written review.  The patients sees how easy it is, and the result is a personal and genuine review.

Additionally, Dr. Dickerson holds contests and rewards his staff for encouraging patients to leave reviews. The contests also give the patients even more reason to participate as they want to help their favorite office staffers win.

Initiate reviews early

You might ask a patient to leave a review at the end of their treatment process, but Dr. Dickerson encourages reviews shortly after new patients walk through the door. This includes getting them signed up as a member on RealSelf while they are still in the office.

“When you get them started early in the process, they are much more readily able to write a review afterward,” he said.

Dr. Dickerson has found that after patients sign up and read reviews, they start visualizing themselves as happy patients. They also see examples of validated patients. The goal may be getting a review after the treatment, but starting the process early can help the patient in the decision-making process.

Learn from reviews

The review process doesn’t stop the second the patient hits publish. Instead that review is a valuable source of information.

Dr. Dickerson and his staff read reviews to learn more about patient likes and dislikes. They then use that feedback to evolve and adjust their practice and customer service.

He adds that reviews are also an opportunity to start a conversation by responding. That can lead to additional insights or help generate return business. “RealSelf is a fantastic way to be an extension of your practice,” Dr. Dickerson said.

For more insights about how answering RealSelf questions can have a major impact on your business, check out the RealSelf University “My RealSelf: Dr. Edward Dickerson” webinar. 

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