Realself Research Reveals Top 10 Cities for Cosmetic Surgery Searches

realself, cosmetic surgery, search, San AntonioWhen you think of major markets for cosmetic surgery, a few cities almost automatically come to mind: Los Angeles, Miami, maybe Dallas or Atlanta.

Chances are you didn’t say San Antonio, Texas. Yet according to search data recently compiled by, the Alamo City boasts the highest interest in aesthetic procedures of any major metropolitan area in the U.S.

Given aesthetic consumers’ willingness to travel to find the right provider that should also be of interest to aesthetic professionals — wherever they’re based.

The research, which was based on tens of millions of searches on realself, tallied the number of pageviews for the top 10 procedures between November 2013 and January 2014. Translated into the average number of views per 1,000 residents, the 10 cities that exhibited the most interest in cosmetic surgery were:

  1. San Antonio
  2. Oklahoma City
  3. Austin
  4. San Diego
  5. San Francisco
  6. Miami
  7. Charlotte
  8. Atlanta
  9. Dallas
  10. Los Angeles

The most searched procedure? Brazilian butt lifts, followed by tummy tucks and breast augmentations.

More to the point, perhaps, San Antonio didn’t make the top 10 in terms of the number of cosmetic surgeons per capita. (That honor went to Salt Lake City, followed by Miami and San Francisco.) On the one hand, that probably helps ensure that local providers maintain full surgical calendars; on the other, it also presents an opportunity for doctors in other areas to engage with high-intent consumers who are hungry for information and willing to go where they need to in order to get it.

Doctor Takeaway

Thanks to the Internet, potential patients are everywhere

The growing number of people who are willing to travel for cosmetic surgery presents a great opportunity for doctors who want to raise their profile and expand their potential patient base. Answering online questions from faraway places, for example, underscores the fact that you’re trying to provide useful information, not drum up new business. Of course, if suggesting a local doctor results in a referral-in-return or relieving someone’s anxiety prompts them to visit your website or pick up the phone, so much the better.

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