Aesthetic Medical Devices and Pharma Need to Embrace Social Advertising

The most common advertising request we get from device makers and pharma companies (well, actually, their agencies) is the traditional banner or box ad.

We try to talk them out of this approach, pointing to the fact that these ad formats are less effective in a social environment like the RealSelf community. This video explains how, indeed, social advertising is where all brands will have to look to get a positive ROI. The banner may eventually be a relic of the past.

If you’re a brand manager at Solta, Allergan, Medicis, or Cynosure, it pays to look for ways for your brand to contribute to the consumer’s research process, helping them get empowered with reliable information. Marketing copy is rarely regarded as reliable information.

Clearly the FDA has a chilling effect on what these firms can support or market when so much conversation is “off label”, yet when it’s a patient-centric campaign, the promotion of product features and benefits should always take a back seat to content that’s regarded as helpful.

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Tom Seery is the founder and CEO of RealSelf. Tom is a frequent speaker at medical conferences about practice marketing, reputation management, and competing on the web. You can follow him at