Social Media Posts: 13 Attributes Doctors Need to Consider

We’ve already talked about how quality trumps quantity for SEO-ing your practice website. But what defines “quality” when posting to followers or fans in social media?

Professor Sree Sreenivasane from Columbia Jounalism School suggests–along with other great tips–that social media posts on Facebook, your blog, or Twitter contain at least one of these attributes:

  1. helpful
  2. useful
  3. informative
  4. relevant
  5. practical
  6. actionable
  7. timely
  8. generous
  9. credible
  10. brief
  11. entertaining
  12. fun
  13. occasionally funny

About Tom Seery

Tom Seery is the founder and CEO of RealSelf. Tom is a frequent speaker at medical conferences about practice marketing, reputation management, and competing on the web. You can follow him at